Watch: Man catches 'monster' flathead catfish on Lake Wylie

A massive flathead catfish was pulled from Lake Wylie over the weekend in York County. The catfish, weighing a whopping 47 pounds, was caught by avid fisherman Matthew Goodale.

"I caught a 32 pound [fish] when I was 16 and I've been trying to break my record ever since," Goodale told FOX 46.  

He did just that this week. The five-minute long fight with the fish was all caught on camera. 

"Whoa, this is a BIG fish," Goodale can be heard exclaiming in the video. "This might be the biggest fish I've caught all year!" 

In the video, you see Goodale tug and pull for several minutes before reeling in the giant mudcat. 

"Oh my God! Holy crap!" Goodale said as he pulled the catfish onto the dock. 

After taking some initial measurements, Goodale suspected the fish was his new personal best record. 

"Y'all see this? I'm about to pass out," he said. "I've been fishing a long time for this." 

After jotting down all his measurements and taking in the wonder of the giant fish, he released the freshwater catfish back into Lake Wylie. 

"I put him back in the water. I hope someone else catches him a couple pounds bigger," Goodale said. 

Goodale said he has been fishing 18 years.

"I can't even explain it really, just a feeling you'll never know until you do it," he said.

He was back out fishing the day after catching that big catfish. Congratulations!