Watch out! Baby owl charges at game camera in Arizona

A baby screech owl that got a lot of attention on social media after being observed on an Arizona game camera practicing his 'pouncing skills' is making his presence known once again. 

This time, the adorable little owl was caught on video charging right at the game camera!

"Cheeky attitude 😂," Julia Riddle said on Facebook. 

"Flight school," said another observer, Lisa Sixta. 

This is not the first time that the homeowner, Alix Taylor, captured a cute moment involving the screech owl on his old game camera that he keeps on his deck rail. Back in May, the baby owl was caught on camera practicing his pouncing skills. 

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Eastern Screech-Owls are active at night and are far more often heard than seen - most bird watchers know this species only from its trilling or whinnying song.