Water main breaks cause traffic issues in Charlotte

Thanks to the continuous cold weather, water main breaks are continuing to create messes across the Charlotte area.

From collisions to traffic back ups-- the water main breaks are impacting area neighborhoods.

"There's a whole bunch of water frozen on the ground," said Charlotte Resident Simone Bellamy.

The wicked winter weather is causing more water main breaks-- causing cars to slip and slide on city streets.

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"Accidents began to take place once rush hour took place," said CMPD Sergeant Rowllin Mackel.

Sheets of ice created slick conditions on area roadways.  Tires were treading on thin ice.

"Water lines are likely to burst," said Mackel.  "So please slow down and take into consideration the low and cold shaded spots."

A break on Randolph Road caused many drivers to reroute this morning.

"There was a water line break along the median," said Mackel.  "And it went to both sides of the road-- causing it to freeze."

A portion of Shamrock Road also transformed into a sheet of ice.

"Terrible," said Bellamy.  It's so cold."

The majority of Charlotteans are hoping for a little relief.

"I want spring to hurry up and come back,” said Bellamy.  "Because it's too cold-- too cold."