Waxhaw residents at odds with slogan, 'The Haw'

Country pride or a corny embarrassment? That’s the debate in Waxhaw over their new slogan -- "The Haw."

"We’re not the Hee-Haw. We’re Waxhaw,” resident Pat Kitto said.

Kathleen Reid runs Elegant Junque New Tiques in downtown Waxhaw. Like many business owners, from Black Chicken to Farmhouse Roots, she said a lot goes into a name.

“I don’t feel The Haw represents Waxhaw,” Reid said.

That’s why Reid, like hundreds of others, is ticked off at the town’s $20,000 rebranding campaign, which includes a nickname The Haw.

"The Haw" was launched last September but is just now finding petitioners.

“I’m in shock that somebody would make a name that sounds like we’re calling the hogs down to the Haw.”

Petitioners said they don’t want to be compared to the country classic Hee-Haw television series.

“We’re better than that. Who wants to shop in the Hee-Haw?" Kitto said.

There’s opposition as petitioners took their complaints to town commissioners Tuesday night.

“I have no problem with The Haw, but I do have a problem with people who want to judge me if they think I’m from Hee-Haw because when I see that person I think it’s the same person who would judge me on the color of my skin, the language I speak or the religion I practice,” Earl Cook explained.

Commissioner Brenda Stewart was the only official speaking against The Haw after public comment but there’s no plan of action to remove it at this time.

The $20,000 rebranding includes a newsletter and website. There was never a public hearing on the change, according to town officials.