Waxhaw town leaders vote on controversial ordinance; will allow food trucks to stay

Waxhaw town leaders went back and forth but finally decided not to give food trucks the boot, but they did agree to come up with a more detailed ordinance so the issue could come up again.

A controversial ordinance that would prohibit food trucks from parking on town streets in downtown Waxhaw was voted down.

Commissioners and the mayor went back and forth about whether the food trucks pose a safety issue and whether banning the food trucks from parking downtown is fair for small businesses.

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"I understand the need for the right of way ordinance… We should not be stifling capitalism and entrepreneurship in the meantime,” one town commissioner said.

The latest version of the ordinance would have put rules into place city right-of-ways. There are currently no rules in place that say food trucks or any other vehicles can't stay parked indefinitely.

"With all the hoopla… more and more trucks coming… we have no ordinance," said another commissioner.

One thing town leaders did agree on is that there's more work to be done. They are still planning to tackle the issue but they want to take things one step at a time.

There's no date set on when this topic will come up again. Town leaders say they have to tackle the budget starting with the next meeting.