Ways to lessen acute, chronic foot pain

FOX 46 is getting results for your pain. On Thursday, we're discussing what gets us where we need to go and allows us to move around: Our feet. 

“They are the base of your support,” said Bridget Kelly, a physical therapist with Carolina Sports Clinic. She also happens to see a lot of foot related injuries.

“I have been dancing since I was two,” said Kate Bivens, 13. Bivens is a ballerina and is dedicated to dancing. “Point shoes are really hard on your feet. The bottom of my feet can become really tight for me if I’m on point all day,” explained Bivens.

Being on point shoes can be painful. A few months ago she injured a tendon in her foot due to overuse so she’s working Kelly.

“I actually got crutches for a week and had to stay off of it,” said Bivens.

In addition to working with dancers like Bivens, Kelly sees a lot of plantar fasciitis cases along with ankle sprains. Mornings can be tough for people with plantar fasciitis as they take their first steps.

“It’s an inflammation in the bottom of the foot and those tissues that cover the bottom of the foot if they get inflamed they can cause a lot of pain,” said Kelly.

If you’re not an athlete and are carrying a few extra pounds that alone can put stress on your plantar fascia.

One way to find relief is through a tennis ball. Take the ball, Kelly says, and roll it around under your foot. Keeping the muscles stretched and lose will help.

That is one exercise that Kelly is adding to Bivens’ list. Her overuse issues, if not taken care of, could lead to a full blown case of plantar fasciitis. It’s also common in older adults who are not as active.

Bivens plans to stick to her stretches and exercises to keep her pirouettes pain free.

“I want to be a principal in a company one day so to have dance as my job would be a dream,” said Bivens.