'We are home!' Super Jude leaves Levine Children's Hospital after 49 days

Photo: Praying for Jude Sullivan Peters, Facebook 

One of North Carolina's most beloved kids, 'Super Jude,' is finally home after spending 49 days in the hospital where he was fighting a virus. 

"It feels amazing to be back home with our boy. We could never thank the wonderful team on #LCH9 [Levine Children's Hospital] enough for all they have done for our Jude. They provided him with the best care, love, laughter, snuggles and friendships,' the family wrote on Facebook. 

Jude Sullivan Peters lives with rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata-- a rare and lethal form of dwarfism. There is no cure, but that hasn't stopped Peters' family from inspiring thousands of people across the world with his story of resilience.

Peters' family said, initially, doctors told them their child wouldn't live outside the womb. Later, they said he wouldn't live two months. Two months turned into five years. 

"We spent four special occasions there within 49 days including Jude's 5th birthday and they truly went above and beyond to make each one special. We left with very full hearts," Jude's family said about their experience at the hospital. 

It's estimated that only a few dozen children across the world live with Peters' condition