West Charlotte neighbors ask city for help with massive fallen tree

A tree remains spread across a street in a Charlotte neighborhood after taking a tumble more than a week ago. It's not only an eye-sore, but it's also blocking traffic and neighbors say they're fed up.

"Someone is gonna hit that tree and it's going to be bad," Vivian Lockett told FOX 46. 

You would never know a home lies beneath all the branches and bark overtaking Mayflower Road. It's been there for almost two weeks. 

"It's a mess," another neighbor said. 

Residents say they've made several calls to try to get this mess it cleaned up, but they've been left in the dark.

LINK: Tree down in west Charlotte neighborhood for more than a week blocking homes

"There have been several cars come through and almost hit the tree. They had barricades up and took them down. It's very dangerous especially at night," Lockett said. 

FOX 46 made a call to city staff trying to get some answers as to why nothing is being done.

City workers say the tree hasn't been removed yet because it fell on private property.

"There's not enough warning signs to let the public know the tree is down and its very dangerous," said Lockett. 

Residents say after our story ran Monday night, someone from the city did come take a look today, but nothing has been done.

"If it was in Myers Park, the tree would've been down the same night or shortly after and it's a shame it's in the street like this." 

Mayflower Road residents say action needs to be taken before someone gets hurt.

"There's no street lighting. It's dark and if you don't know it's there you're going to run into it there's no warning signs." 

They're pleading for help, hoping someone will listen. 

"Please come out here and move this tree. It's a very big inconvenience for everyone and now that school is starting how will the kids get to the bus stop?"

FOX 46 left several messages with city staff. We're waiting to hear back about what can be done for these residents.