West Charlotte neighbors concerned about traffic brought in by new truck stop

A once quiet street in west Charlotte is now booming with traffic thanks to a new truck stop.

“We got this far out, we thought we were out in the country,” said 96-year-old Billie Pinner. “I-85 wasn't here. It was just such a quiet, wonderful place,” she said.

Between the traffic and airplanes from the airport, Sam Wilson Road has gotten a lot busier than it was when Pinner and her husband bought their land in 1956.

Love’s Truck Stop has brought in a lot of traffic since it opened, making the intersection at W. Pointe Drive a bit dicey, to say the least.

“It's been an issue for a while,” said neighbor Linda Bell. “It's just been increased since they put the truck stop in,” she said.

Charlotte Department of Transportation conducted a traffic study in 2016, and determined it wasn’t busy enough for a traffic signal.

Reps with CDOT told FOX 46 they plan to reanalyze the intersection to see if they should make some changes.

“I seriously think they need to put up a red light,” Bell said. “Caution light, red light -- something because last week they already had a wreck.”

One car t-boned another at Sam Wilson Rd. and W. Pointe Dr. The wreck sent a person to the hospital in a neck brace.

While one man FOX 46 spoke to says he worries a traffic light would only congest the area more, Pinner agreed with others, saying there should be something at that intersection. “I would like to see a stop light there,” she said. “I think it would help. I think we've needed one for a long time.”