Wet weather causes numerous accidents in the Queen City

The rain is really over but earlier on Tuesday it was cold and drizzling. Folks told FOX 46 Charlotte that while they are ready for the rain to finally go away, they're also preparing for the cold coming in this weekend. 

"I like North Carolina kind of the way it's supposed to be, where you get rain and then dry and rain and dry. Hopefully it's going back to rain and then not rain, instead of drizzling all the time," said Mike, a local resident. 

"It's not too bad. I know definitely you don't know how to dress because one minute it's warm and one morning it's cold, so everybody is getting sick...but definitely staying safe out here with driving," said Danielle, another resident.

The rain made the commute a little difficult on Tuesday morning, with slippery roads causing a couple of fender benders. 

"Well, you have to stay vigilant and calm because it can definitely be trying out here on these roads, all we have to do is stay safe," said Devin, a resident. 

"It's a little crazy on the roads, gets me frustrated. You know everyone is driving very cautious but it's what everyone has to do to prevent accidents," said Cory. 

For the month of December we've had a few inches of rain to help the drought a bit and lift the burning ban. However, not quite enough, to get the area back to normal levels. 

But the rain isn't the only thing on people's radar. Now, we're all bracing for a cold spell. 

"Hopefully colds and sun but it's going to get cold. You can't have it all."

The Charlotte area should stay dry for Tuesday night but there's a chance for fog Wednesday morning.