What does the 'star-rating' mean at your daycare?

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A local daycare was shut down by the state this month after allegations of molestation, abuse and neglect. Now, FOX 46 is asking the tough questions and getting results for parents who are concerned this isn’t over yet.

FOX 46 did some digging and found out what the ‘star-ratings’ mean when you look up a daycare center in the State of North Carolina. The station also found out if the owner of the Primrose School of Ballantyne could ever operate another daycare again.

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The daycare center was shut down after a former employee, Joseph Starnes, was arrested for inappropriately touching little boys. The molestation accusations were not the only negative marks reported.

A number of abuse and neglect cases forced the State Department of Health and Human Services to make multiple visits to the school. All of the visits contribute the ‘star-rating’.

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The Department of Health and Human Services said 75 percent of the compliance history contributes to the ‘star-rating’ you see at child care centers. Two other factors that contribute are staff education and program standards.

FOX 46 Charlotte is helping parents get results by giving guidelines issued by the state for what parents should look out for when choosing a child care facility:

·       ‘Star-rating’

·       Sanitation scores

·       Complaint investigations

·       Visits made by division staff

FOX 46 Charlotte also probed the state about whether the owner of Primrose of Ballantyne could ever open another daycare in the state of North Carolina. They said an application of license of a child care center could be denied for the following reasons; if the applicants license has been suspended or revoked in the past, or if the applicant has ever been non-compliant with the law.