What you need to know if picking someone up from the airport this holiday

On Wednesday, some 26,000 people are expected to fly out of Charlotte Douglas to be with family and friends over Thanksgiving.

Some new things to look out for, whether you're flying or just picking up or dropping someone off, a brand new entrance to the airport off Wilkinson Boulevard and new quick access parking.

If you're picking someone up this evening and want to avoid the long lines at curbside pick-up, you can cut into hourly parking where the first hour there is free. That's where we found one woman coming home for the first time in nearly a year.

I have been traveling for 11 months. I'm a missionary and I did a trip called the world race. 11 countries in 11 months," said Sarah Isola.

To celebrate, the whole family is getting together.

And for Sarah, this Thanksgiving, she's grateful for the little things.

"I lived out of this (small bag) for 11 months. I'm thankful for my closet, a shower, a real bathroom," said Isola.

For another family, traveling to Charlotte from Dallas, this holiday is a little more somber.

"It's the first time since I'm seeing my family since my father passed last year. It was a very emotional plane ride thinking and reflecting," said Jamal Robinson.

For Jamal, he'll be remembering his dad during Thanksgiving dinner.

"Thanksgiving was his time to perform all of his "sit down" instead of "stand up" comedy routines. Around the table he would crack jokes and have everybody laughing," said Robinson.

Also just arriving in town, a family from Boston that’s celebrating Thanksgiving here with all the kids and grandkids.

"I have a brother and his family is coming. A sister and her family are coming. It will be 16 of us piled in the house. I don't know how relaxing it will be, but it will be fun," said Mike Holtschlag.

For them, it's the first time in about a year and a half that everyone will be under the same roof.

"On Friday, all 16 will go to the zoo in Columbia. They've got two new zip lines which go across the river. I'm going to try and knock one of the kids off so i can go on the zip line. It will probably be Paige," said Steve Holtschlag.

Airport officials say they're expecting roughly the same amount of travelers as last year. Between this past Monday and next Monday, the airport expects to see 800,000 travelers.

Thanks to good weather, we’re told so far there have been no delays.

We also asked if recent terrorist activity has had any impact on airplane ticket sales. A representative from American Airlines says sales are similar to last year showing no decrease in air travel.