What's the future for toll lanes on I-485?

New information has come out about the future toll lanes on interstate-485. Two public hearings will be held next week. Some people say they’re not happy about forking over money to drive parts of I-485. But there are a few things the N.C. Department of Transportation has said that could change folks' minds.

The two hearings will focus on the future toll lanes that will run on I-485 from I-77 to U.S. 74, one lane each way.

No one knows yet how much it's going to cost to use the toll lane, but here's how it will work.

"We will not have any kind of toll booth out there where you have to slow down and whip out change. You'll have a transponder that costs around 20 bucks and it will take a picture of you going through the area. If you don't have one, it will take a picture of your tag and send you a bill," said Jen Thompson, a spokesperson with NCDOT.

Folks can tell the N.C. Department of Transportation, the one who will be running the toll lanes, what they would and would not like to see during to public comment meetings on January 17 and 19.

"I would say you've got to stop it, you've got to find an alternative," said Michael Watson, a commercial driver.

"We're already not using our HOV lanes. I don't see it as a necessary thing NCDOT has to implement. I don't agree with it at all," said Tonia Barrino, a driver.

The toll lanes will be happening no matter what, according to NCDOT. The public comments will only help frame the details.

The main perk of the toll lanes, per NCDOT, is the guarantee to get going no matter what traffic brings.

"Let's say you got to get to the doctor, to the airport. You pay a little extra to get to your destination more reliably," said Thompson.

As things stand right now, construction won't start until next summer and won't be finished until two years after that.

For more information on the time and locations these meetings will be held, CLICK HERE.