When will the dark Charlotte interstates finally see the light?

Between traffic and other drivers on the road, navigating Charlotte interstates can be a tough task. Imagine driving stretches of I-85 and I-77 at 65mph, at night, without street lights working.

"I find it unsettling. Especially when driving in other areas where the lights work beautifully," said Cindy Harbacevich.

FOX 46 Charlotte found a long stretch of I-85 near I-77 where lights are installed, but not turned on.

Drivers say the darkness is a dangerous mix.

"It was really hard to see if I had to slow down. Once I did realize, I really couldn't. It was really difficult to get a sense of where the lines where and I went over the median a little bit," said one driver.

There is now light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

NCDOT officials tell FOX 46 Charlotte an outside contractor is in the process of replacing highway lights across the Queen City.

"I think if it's happening and in motion its a good thing," said Angela Williams.

The statewide project will be complete this November. That means some roads that have already dark for months, will stay that way for another few weeks.

"Yeah it has been awhile. A good while," said Williams.

So why the long timeline?

NCDOT officials say work installing the lights is a night-time project. There was also a delay while the contractor submitted traffic control plans, but finally lighting up the highway is a welcomed addition late night drivers.

"I don't think it's safe. If anything happens or you know, there are no lights," said Williams.

NCDOT officials say they are installing more than 10,000 led street lights across the state.