White dolls hung by the neck for art project removed from UNCC campus

White dolls being hung by the neck were found on the campus of University of North Carolina-Charlotte. They were part of an art project and have been removed, according to the university. 

A university spokesperson says officials were made aware of what appeared to be noosed figures hanging from a tree outside the Rowe Arts Building on Tuesday. App users click here.

“Is this just a silly joke or do they have sinister motives?" asked student Liam Curtin. “And if so its really a shame.”

Following an investigation, the University's Department of Police and Public Safety determined that the figures were submitted for an end-of-semester art project by a student of color. 

“I have never seen anything like it but I don’t know why anyone from UNCC would do that,” said Tonderai. 

UNCC says there is no evidence suggesting that the project was motivated by racial bias.

The Niner Times wrote that the dolls are in response to a statement by the University Student Government Association on the removal of the Silent Sam statue at UNC-Chapel Hill in August, but university officials refute that, saying:

It was not a response to the Student Government Association’s Silent Sam letter, as has been reported in some media outlets.

The representation of a figure being lynched is hurtful, threatening, and offensive. The project was immediately removed.

Whatever the intention, some students say the display is isolating at a university that celebrates diversity: “You are portraying something that dehumanizes other people or even is insinuating the death of someone,” said Curtin. “That’s sad and for that to be at a university, that’s very sad.”