White waitress claims black customer left racist receipt, no tip

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A white waitress claims a black customer left a racist receipt after dining at her restaurant in South End Charlotte. The waitress said the male customer stiffed her of a tip and wrote, 'Black Power' on the receipt after he was not given a black server instead of a white server.

"He looked up from his menu and immediately said, 'May I have a black server?'" the waitress said.

The waitress said she did not know the customer's reasons for not wanting a white waitress.

"I was just, like, completely in shock, I was like, 'What?'," she said. "The African-Americans that I work with and who I'm close with were just like, that's unbelievable, like, no one deserves that."

The waitress said she told the customer he could have her as a waitress and carried on with the meal. She said it wasn't until after he left that she realized he did not leave a tip and wrote, 'Black Power' on the receipt.

The waitress, who reached out to FOX 46, said she did not want the name of her restaurant to be identified but showed a photo of the receipt with the name of the restaurant listed, as well as her name listed as the server. 

The customer used a pre-paid debit card and his name was not listed on the receipt.

FOX 46 took questions surrounding this story to a local sociology professor.

"That clearly fits the definition of prejudice and prejudice based on race, yes that's racism so, yes, I think we can say she's a victim of a racist incident," Wingate University Sociology Chair Dr. Aaron Culley said.

Dr. Culley said this incident appears to be an isolated case of racism and points out that African-Americans have struggled with deeper racial issues over the years. Specifically, he points to institutional racism.

"White Americans are much-less likely to experience institutional discrimination because most institutions are controlled by white people," Culley said.

He described this reported encounter as "social distancing."

"One person wants to avoid interacting or minimize their interaction with another group," Dr. Culley said. "It sounds like he just doesn't want a white person waiting on him and it's that form of prejudice."

Whatever the reason for this reported incident, the waitress said it shouldn't have happened.

"What can I do to help you get through that? Because it's got to be sad living that way, hating someone you don't know," she said.