Wife of man paralyzed in rest stop shooting plans to write book about tragedy

The man shot and paralyzed from the waist down in a shooting at a rest stop in Cabarrus County two years ago is opening a new chapter in the new year.

Greg McKee and his wife Terrie want to share their story with others. Terrie plans to write a book about their experiences.

Greg was back at his job as a dispatcher for a transportation company the day after the man convicted in connection with a rest stop shooting that left him paralyzed was found guilty by a jury this past December.

“Greg could have easily been killed that night. We’re blessed in that he is still here with us. I’m not a widow and my children are not orphans,” Terrie said.
“You don’t dwell on those close calls. You thank your lucky stars you can hug your loved ones the next day. You put your head on a pillow and move on,” Greg said.

For Greg, that means watching his children learn and grow. Greg’s now-7-year old daughter and his stepson were outside the rest stop with his wife Terrie when Greg was shot in his back in the bathroom in Cabarrus County in November 2015.

“I do think about the defendants’ mothers and how they might feel and how they do feel. And I pray for them,” Terrie said.

Terrie and Greg say their faith in God has allowed them to forgive Terrell Thomas and Darren Manuel, the men convicted in the shooting who are now serving out prison sentences.

“Vengeance is His. Vengeance, justice are not mine,” Greg said.

Terrie has been writing about their experiences.

“We learned a lot in the trial that I want to use for a book but mainly to encourage people who are going through trauma that it’s not what defines you.”