Wildfires sending smoke into Charlotte area

Those in the Belmont area have noticed the change in the air quality. 

"Yes, my eyes have been really irritated," said mother of two," Christiana Moore.

"I just walked out five minutes ago and you smell it," said Kristen Ballard.

"This morning was so much worse. It burned our eyes," said mother of three, Danetta Keller.

Those with kids are especially worried.

"It is very concerning. I wonder if we need to start wearing mask or  need to keep our kids inside. I have one child with asthma and it's especially concerning for him. I might take more precaution with him and just keep him inside as much as possible right now," said Keller. 

"We have been restricting their activity outside and not letting them play outside in the evenings like they usually do just to keep their breathing quality a little bit," said Moore.

A doctor with CMC tells FOX 46 that those many of us aren't prone to any long term effects going forward, but those at risk for the most serious health conditions are young children and the elderly. 

He also suggest buying the basic masks you can find at CVS or Walgreens. If you want stronger mask, he suggest you go to Home Depot or Lowe's.