Will CMS close for teacher's rally in Raleigh?

In three weeks, teachers from across North Carolina are set to descend on Raleigh. So far, 1,200 CMS teachers have called out for May 1. For now, schools will remain open, but that could change.     

“Now that we've changed the policy makers, it's time to change the policies,” said Mark Jewell, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators.

30,000 teachers took part in last year’s march, calling for better pay and better resources. While all that's happening there are questions from parents.

“I actually heard about it on the news this morning,” parent Ann Wilder said. She has a third grader that attends a CMS school. 

The district has not yet called off school for the day of the march as other large school districts have, but Wilder is anticipating that they will.

“It may be a day i have to take off work,” she said. 

CMS hasn't said if they plan on helping parents out that can't take off.

“Child care is not cheap, so if you can't find someone, it's going to be an issue,” Wilder said. 

She supports the teachers; she just wants the march to be on a more convenient day.

Jewell says he understands the inconvenience, but says that, at this point, there's so much more at stake.

“It is a march for North Carolina. It is a march for our future,” he said. 

CMS says they will have a decision on whether or not they'll have class on May 1 by Friday. There’s no word yet on whether any other districts in our area have similar staffing concerns or plans.