Will Matthews get its own school system?

A big decision for the Town of Matthews Monday night as the Board of Commissioners will decide whether or not to break away from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. 

Will Matthews break away from CMS? 

"I do think choice is huge for parents." 

Monday night the town's Board of Commissioners will officially vote on House Bill 514. Its legislation that would allow the town to create its own charter school district.

"The thought of them being on a bus going across town for school is definitely not anything we're interested in," one parent told FOX 46. 

Some parents, like Shannon Anderson, said they want to keep their neighborhood schools intact, but not everyone is on board. 

"I have kind of mixed feelings about it," parent Jill Thibeault said. 

Last week, CMS Board of Education sent out a statement opposing the split, saying the bill could force students out of high performing schools, raise taxes, and increase segregation. 

"We've had a positive experience with CMS thus far. I know it's such a big system, so I think that's one of my concerns," a parent told FOX 46. 

CMS had hoped to work with the Matthews Town Board to craft solutions on school crowding and other concerns, saying "It's not what's best for our kids, students, and families across Charlotte-Mecklenburg."