Will There be Pumpkins to Pick this Fall Following the Drought?

Is it too late for the coming rain this fall and winter to have an impact on our area farms? We visit two farms in Cabarrus County to find out.

If it were left up to Mother Nature, Riverbend Farm’s pumpkin patch would be practically empty. That's why Jim Little, the owner, took it into his own hands to make sure there'll be plenty of pumpkins to carve this fall.

Little says it took 2 million gallons of water this summer to get the full pumpkin crop. The extra water cost him at least one thousand dollars more than other years.

But some farmers don't have access to that kind of water. The Porter’s beef farm is struggling to get enough food for the cattle to last during the winter months. They’re having to get some extra food from other farms that got more rain over the summer.