Winter storm could bring slick conditions to Charlotte area

With the icy and wet weather coming in, the roads will be slick. Neighbors should get prepared for possible dangerous conditions coming this weekend as the first winter storm of the season moves in. 

"You can get in an accident literately leaving your driveway," one Charlotte resident Alisha Carr said. 

The last time the Queen City saw a major snow and ice event in the queen city was on January 17. On that day CMPD responded to 265 car crashes-- 33 where someone was hurt. 

State troopers were also on scene of 69 accidents in Mecklenburg County. Of those reports,10 happened on Mallard Creek Rd., another 10 on E. Independence Blvd., five near the John Belk Freeway, four on Billy Graham Parkway, plus three more at Park Rd. and Rocky River Rd. 

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Photos of the road show the conditions on Reddman Rd. on  that snowy day near Albemarle and E. Independence Blvd.

"People were slipping a sliding here and there and everywhere,” said Carr.

Neighbors had a hard time getting out, while crews had trouble getting in. 

"It was really messy and hard for buses to get up and hard for any of the trucks to get up,” Carr said.

NCDOT says their priority is to treat major roads and interstates, but Keturah Keita thinks they can do more. 

"I feel like they forget the little neighborhood roads back here," Keita said.

FOX 46 meteorologists say we could see ice on roads Sunday and into the work week Monday, and Tuesday. 

To prepare your car make sure to get an ice scrapper now. Also stock up on sand and salt for better tire traction.