Winter storm wreaks havoc on air travel

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More than 160 flights coming in and out of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport have been canceled Tuesday due to a severe snow storm hitting parts of the northeast.

American Airlines announced that it has canceled all flights to and from John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia Airports in New York because of the snow. 

This, leaving travelers stranded or forced to find other ways to get where they’re going.

Some folks FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with are in good spirits considering the circumstances. Some travelers are taking things into their own hands – by hitting the road instead of flying.

While others said they’re happy to have a couple extra days of vacation.

Travelers have been checking their fate on the arrivals and departures board, where 169 flights have been marked canceled in bold red letters.

“We’re coming from Charlotte trying to get to Chicago,” Wayne Bell said.

“All the flights were canceled because of the storm,” Ila Agarwal explained.

“Getting shuffled all over the place,” Bernie Courtright said.

And it’s been a struggle.

“On the computer it said we’re all good. We get here and now they say it’s canceled because of the winds. Winds are blowing 40 mph. Ten inches of snow. We’re not going anywhere,” Bell said.

“I had to drive 12 hours to Charlotte to take a flight. I had to rebook my flights which costed me double,” Agarwal said.

“We got a call yesterday saying that our flight would be changed to Wednesday, and the another call saying that it would be canceled until Friday,” Courtright said.

But these folks are making the best of it – each in their own way.

A spokesperson for American Airlines said they had 50 extra planes at Charlotte-Douglas International Monday night due to the winter weather up north. That’s why airport officials are reminding folks to check the status of their flight before they head out.

The good news is most of the airlines will help rebook those flights that happen to be affected by the storm.