Winthrop University hosts students evacuated from College of Charleston

About 120 College of Charleston students will be calling Winthrop University home for the next few days after classes were cancelled and students were evacuated.

Many of them, seem to be taking the evacuation of their school in stride, though they're still wondering how bad it's going to get while they're away.

The students are loaded with cots, air mattresses, blankets, bags and are trying getting used to new surroundings at Winthrop. For some, it's like freshman orientation all over again.

“It’s interesting. I’m from the upstate, so we don't usually have hurricane warnings,” said Sam Naradowski, a freshman at the College of Charleston.

Naradowski said when the evacuation was ordered for coastal counties in South Carolina, it also included his school, and despite the worry, the students here are seeing it as more of a trip than a flight to safety.

“It comes every year, so we know to expect it, it's our 'hurrication',” junior Zachary Adler said. 

Winthrop has done this before. Plans started over the weekend to get everything in place for the Charleston students. For them, home is sometimes a little too far away.

“Some of them are international students, some are from states that are further away,” said Shelia Higgs Burkhalter, the Vice President of Student Affairs at Winthrop University. 

Officials say this is an evacuation. The College of Charleston students will likely be completing coursework online for the time being. 

“We try to make this feel like home for the limited time they're here,” Burkhalter said. 

FOX 46 is told this is actually one of the longer stretches of time that students will be away from College of Charleston. That has to do with how slow Dorian is moving.