With flu season around the corner, doctors encourage everyone to get vaccinated now

As flu season is nearing, doctors are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 

Last year, 11 people died from the flu in Mecklenburg County. Health experts say they are bracing for a similar season this year. 

"Oh it's not good. Lots of aches and pains, chills, fever, depending on the strain that you get," one Charlotte neighbor told FOX 46. 

Some in Mecklenburg County are feeling these symptoms with cases of the flu already reported. The Health Department says its too early to have the numbers, however.

"It is too early right now to predict the severity of patterns," a representative with the Health Department said. 

The flu shot has been available in Mecklenburg County since August and many have been taking advantage of this.

"We have a daughter who's a pharmacist and she told us that it really helps and it makes a difference." 

Many still believe getting the flu vaccine can make you sick, but doctors have an explanation for this. 

"I was working in food service and in hospitals and so I had to get it before, and every time, the next week or so I would be out of work, miserably ill," another neighbor said. 

Health experts say the vaccine is made up of three to four different viruses based on what doctors believe will be circulating from year to year.

If you happen to get sick after getting your shot, it may be because they missed the mark, or you happened to catch a strain that was not included in the vaccine. 

In the end, doctors say the flu shot is always the best measure of prevention, 

"The flu shot is an inactivated virus, it does not contain any parts of the virus and it does not cause the flu." 

Doctors say it's too early to tell if the right strains of the flu are in the vaccine this year.