Witness speaks out following deadly officer-involved shooting

One woman who claims to be a witness to the shooting tells a starkly different story from that of police who say that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun. 

Perhaps the most interesting claim coming from that neighbor is that a white officer, not a black officer, shot and killed Keith Scott. 

A woman claims to be an eyewitness to the police shooting and killing of Scott, 43, said CMPD is naming the wrong officer responsible for the shooting.

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"A white officer with a bald head shot that man, standing right there," according to Taheshia Williams. 

Williams posted a video to Facebook - stating it shows Scott on the ground after he was shot by police.

"You hear four shots, boom, boom, boom, boom that man hit the ground," Williams said. 

According to CMPD, Officer Brentley Vinson shot and killed Scott after feeling threatened. CMPD's chief adding that both time Scott got out of his car he had a handgun. What's not clear at this point is if Scott pointed the gun at officers. 

Williams said Scott was disabled, that he suffered a brain injury in the past. She said she never saw a gun in Scott's hand before police shot him on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

"Man was sitting in his car, minding his business. I hear his wife yelling running, 'Don't do it, please don't,' I look over here, and that's when I see the man standing there with a gun pointing it at Mr. what's his name? Mr. Scott, pointing it at Mr. Scott. He's standing there like this telling them I don't have anything," Williams said. 

That's when Williams said she heard gunshots.

"Obviously complying still gets you murdered, because that's what happened, that man got murdered for complying with whatever it is those police officers, faux-lice want him to do," Williams said. 

A neighborhood now shaken by the shooting. Yolanda Haskins said Scott was in the area where he ran into police, waiting in his car, like he does every afternoon fo rhis son to get off the bus.

"Son came this way not knowing, so that's heartbreaking to come home and see all these people knowing you can't say goodbye to your son, I love you, how was your day, anything, that's just heartbreaking," She said. 

Yolanda said her own daughter couldn't sleep Tuesday night and her young son is grieving too. 

"He tried to go to school, he said mom I got a math test, I gotta pass it, and he couldn't do it, so it's taking a toll on all the kids," she said. 

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with another neighbor who said he was in his apartment and he heard four or five shots. He came out and saw Scott on the ground with several officers standing over him.