Witnesses recall moments when tree fell in Matthews, killing 1

A tree came down on a car in Matthews, leaving one person dead.

It happened around 4:00 p.m. as a man and a woman were traveling down East John St. on Sunday, Dec. 9. 

The details of what happened the car, or what's left of it, are as tragic as they are a warning of how dangerous it can be, even without the snow.

“This happened in the matter of, you know, seconds,” Sarah Kelly said. 

She was going in the opposite direction down the street, missing the tree coming down by a matter of seconds.

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“I heard a crash...and the tree fell on the truck as it was headed this way, but then you heard several more crashes and you can't mistake that,” witness Tyler Bell said. 

Officials say the car itself kept going at least a couple of hundred yards, through a church lawn, and almost hit a house.

“I believe he was unconscious at this point and his foot hit the gas,” said Bell. 

From there, it was an effort of neighbors and good Samaritans to help. After seeing the crash, Kelly says she stayed there with the man who eventually died.

“While the other guy was doing CPR, I held his hand while i was on 911 until the first responders showed up,” she told FOX 46.

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Cleanup continued into the night to get the tree that came down out of the way. Even though Matthews didn't see a large amount of snow the ice on the trees here, proved to be a problem.

“If you don't have to be out here, don't be out here,” Kelly said. 

No word yet on the name of the man who died, or the condition of the woman we are told that was in that car, but we're told her injuries are minor.