Woman carjacked in mall parking lot; police track suspects using car's GPS

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Two men have been arrested by CMPD for a carjacking that happened at a Shelby mall. Detectives were able to track the car down thanks to the GPS signal.

The victim’s family said she was rattled when two men approached her and demanded her keys. When she didn’t move fast enough, they showed her their gun. But even in the face of danger, she didn’t give up so easy, and demanded her wallet back.

“They have guns so be careful!” said the woman to 911 operators.

A Shelby woman’s first instinct was to warn police about the dangerous men who robbed her at gunpoint. In the 911 call, you can hear Belk employees try to comfort the 64-year-old inside the store.

“It literately just happened. She just ran inside and called for help.”

The robbery happened Tuesday in the Cleveland Mall parking lot in the middle of the afternoon. Two men stole her BMW, iPhone, and 21 dollars in cash. As they drove off, the victim’s family tells me they did doughnuts in the parking lot.

“That’s just really bold like what’s the point of that?” said Raylyn Moses who shops at Cleveland Mall. “I wouldn’t know what to do, I would just be so terrified.”

Shelby police have now charged 20-year-old Phiedel Tukes and 16-year-old Donte Dolton. They were arrested by CMPD in Charlotte thanks to the car’s GPS tracking signal.  Tukes has been arrested ten times for similar incidents in the past three years.

All the woman’s belongings have been located but her husband tells Fox46 Charlotte she is too shaken up to drive the car again. Meantime, the suspects are still in Mecklenburg County jail as of Thursday night.