Woman caught on camera stealing tip jar from Gaston County store

A woman was caught on camera Tuesday morning, stealing a tip jar from the CDA store in Gastonia.

"She knew what she was doing," said CDA Store Crew Member Madison Carrigan.  "Like she had done it before."

The bold crime was caught on camera.

"None of us noticed it right in front of us," Carrigan said.  "I wish I had seen it."

Workers say the woman ordered two sandwiches, waited for them, walked out to her car, came back inside, and asked for hash browns.

"And while we were cooking them, that's when she slipped the tip jar," Carrigan said.

Workers say she then went into the bathroom, emptied the jar, threw it in the trash, and took only the tips.

"It was only about 25 to 30 bucks, but it's simply the fact that she took something that isn't hers," said Carrigan.  "And she can leave here and go to another restaurant and do the same thing."

Crew members say they'll definitely be paying more attention to the people on the other side of the counter.

"We'll just be more aware of our surroundings," Carrigan said.

In the 26 years the current owner has been there, he says something like this has only happened one other time about 12 to 14 years ago.

If you know who the woman in the video is, call police.