Woman claims dirty needle included in online order from Walmart

Companies are working around the clock to deliver online orders for the holidays, but what a Gastonia family claims they discovered inside a box delivered to their home left them in shock.

Sagan Toussaint tells FOX 46 Charlotte that her kitten was playing inside a box that her bed, which she ordered online from Walmart.com, was delivered in. She claims that the cat climbed out of the empty box carrying a dirty needle in its mouth.  

“It has this dark brownish mixture of red substances," Toussaint says.

The bed was delivered straight to her door. The box in question contained the bed frame, which she had taken out the night before. The three kittens she’s fostering were playing with the box, which she thought was empty. Thankfully, the needle was caped and none of the kittens were stuck.

“We left everything for the kittens to play and the next thing you know my kitten has this in her mouth,” says Toussaint.

She called police and told them about the needle. She then says she called Walmart customer service, but they gave her the run-around.  

“I said, 'can you have someone who’s going to deal with this contact me?' And she said, 'no, if you want a response you’re going to have to do the calling.' And I said, 'this isn’t serious enough for you guys to get someone’s attention to call me' and she pretty much just said 'no' and put me on another hold. It was fruitless to say the least."

She says it would give her piece of mind knowing that Walmart is doing everything they can to prevent this from happening to someone else. 

“My biggest fear, you know, if my child would have found this who knows what they could be exposed to."

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to Walmart and they released this statement:

We appreciate our customer bringing this matter to our attention, and we take it seriously. We are looking into the situation to get to the bottom of what happened.

“It makes me weary of ordering anything now. I prefer going to the store to now see it and make sure I’m not bringing something utterly dangerous into my home,” said Toussaint.

A Walmart representative tells FOX 46 Charlotte that they will be reaching out to the Toussaint's. 

Gaston Police have a record of the phone call Toussaint made but, said an official report has not been filed. Toussaint says she plans to file an official report and hire a lawyer.