Woman claims I-77 construction debris hit car, smashed face

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A woman was driving home on Interstate-77 when a piece of concrete came crashing through her windshield crushing the bones in her face. So far, no one is taking responsibility, so she turned to FOX 46 Charlotte to help get results. 

“It was a beautiful day. We were all excited about my grandson graduating from boot camp,” Brenda Wagner said. 

She and her husband Bob were down from Pennsylvania visiting their grandson for his graduation into the Marine Corps in Parris Island. A day she never thought would end with her in the hospital. 

“Just shows you how close you can come to death I guess,” her husband Bob said. 

Brenda and Bob were driving through Charlotte on their way home from the graduation when a soccer-size ball of concrete came flying through the windshield.

“As soon as it hit me I was unconscious,” Brenda said. The impact left a hole in her face.

“[The doctor] put four titanium plates in my face. I still have to have more plastic surgery," she explained. She just barely survived.

“Every doctor I’ve been to told me 'I came close to not being here period' because of where it hit me," she said. 

Brenda and her husband believe the ball of concrete came from the construction area on Interstate-77, but they have no way to prove it. They only have pictures showing where it came in through the windshield and back out through the rear passenger window.

“We had a lawyer and they called one day and said they had exhausted all avenues," she said. 

That left Brenda and her husband to pay for all her medical bills.

“Just doesn’t seem fair that somebody isn’t liable," she said. 

They’re hoping that someone - maybe you - saw it happen and could help their case.

“It’s a shot in the dark. Somebody might come forward and say they saw it happen," she said. 

If you saw what happened, or know anything about the incident, click here to email our reporter Caroline Fountain.