Woman claims she was assaulted by tow truck driver

An Indiana woman said she was the victim of predatory practices by a Charlotte-based towing company.

Olivia Forrey said she was in town in Charlotte in late July when the incident happened.  She told FOX 46 that while visiting on business, her rental car was towed from a parking lot.

When she went to pick it up, she said the towing company, WheelBlockers, tried to make her pay a high price to leave and also said one of the employees assaulted her.

A report from CMPD about the incident said Forey was involved in a disturbance at the towing lot along Ashby Street, leading to her getting injured, saying she held on to a gate as it was getting closed, causing the victim to slam into a fence.

Forrey, however, said it didn't happen that way.

"The smaller man grabbed the gate, smashed me between the gate and the fence," she said.  "I have bruises and scrapes down the left side of my body."

In a phone call to WheelBlockers, the person who answered the line flatly denied any assault took place, but would not allow for any follow-up questions.

A CMPD report indicated the case was "exceptionally cleared--prosecution declined by DA".