Woman displaced by arson details terrifying moments when fire broke out

A woman details the terrifying moments when a two-alarm fire broke out at a northeast Charlotte apartment complex. 

"I saw an orange glow," said Sharon Campfield, a displaced resident at Hunter’s Pointe Apartments on Prospect Drive.

The glow came from the massive fire outside her window.

"Somebody started ringing my doorbell. They started yelling, 'fire! Get out!'"

Campfield is one of five residents who lost her home to the early morning fire.

"I thought about putting shoes on, but these apartments there's only one way in and one way out."

No one was hurt, but the office and four apartments went up in flames. CMPD estimates $200,000  worth of damage.

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"They brought a bus because it was cold out here. One of the firefighters went in and got some shoes for me," said Campfield.

Investigators say someone started the fire on purpose, but no arrests have been made.

"They had a dog out here. I know they use those dogs to smell accelerant stuff. I was watching through the window. Where the number five is I know he sat down there. He walked over there and sat there."

Sharon says she and the others who were displaced are transferring to other units within the same apartment complex.

She's grateful for all the help she's received.

"Red Cross came over right away and talked to me. Everybody has been right there."

Jack Raisanen with the American Red Cross says he spoke with each of the displaced residents.

"What we do is come out and help them with monetary assistance. Hopefully it will take care of them for the first two days. Try to get things taken care of, call their insurance, arrange a place for longer term displacement if need be," said Raisanen, the Disaster Assistance Team Lead.

He says case workers will call the displaced residents within 48 hours to ensure they’re on the road to recovery. A long road that will likely last longer than a day or even a week. The reason Jack has come out to more than 200 fires in three years.

"Being a former marine, I wanted something to give back to the community. Red Cross was the first thing that came to mind. I joined for this purpose."