Woman found safe after robbery kidnapping in north Charlotte

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"I hope y’all catch him before I do because I have my eye on you right now boy," Juandriquez Chambers said.

Juandriquez Chambers is furious after a man he called his friend pistol whipped him in his head, robbed him and pointed that same gun at his 5-year-old daughter.

"That’s hard! To actually see the gun in her face and you want to grab it and can't grab it because you are afraid of what may happen," Chamber said.

Officers with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were called about 2:30 a.m. to a report of shots fired on Thera Drive near Sugar Creek Road. When they arrived, they said they found a home hit with bullets. One bullet made its way to the kid’s bedroom window but all three kids were not hurt.

This, all to get to a 22-year-old-woman that was hiding in Chambers' home to get away from the attacker, with whom she had an on/off relationship.

"He was ringing the doorbell and kicking the door. I open the door up. I was hit with a .40 caliber pistol. I looked at him like ‘why are you doing this?.’ He hit me again and I'm still trying to talk to him and he got even madder and he said ‘[expletive] it, I’m about to rob you," Chambers said.

Chambers showed FOX 46 Charlotte the damage inside his home. “This is where she was hiding," pointing to his bedroom closet.

"He started tearing up stuff, looking for her. He said ‘I'm about to kill you! I'm about to kill her! I'm about to kill everybody in the house!’ I already knew he was jacked on something because his eyes were furious, wide open, no blinks, no stares, evil," Chambers said.

Chambers' friend eventually found her in the closet. That's when Chambers saw an opportunity to escape and get his kids outside to safety. The attacker then dragged her outside and kidnapped her.

"He pushed her across the side and the whole time he's beating her and shooting in the air and there's about 12-15 casing out here," Chambers said.

Investigators said the incident started as a domestic dispute that turned into an argument. It's unclear what led up to the confrontation. They said they recovered a car that sped off from toward Todd Lane and are examining it as evidence. The woman was eventually found safe near that home in east Charlotte.

Officers were on scene conducting interviews and sweeping the neighborhood for more evidence and bullet cases that could be in the grass.

Chambers showed FOX 46 Charlotte a photo of his attacker and we tried to confirm with CMPD but they declined.

So far, no arrests have been made. Police said they are still looking for the alleged kidnapper.