Woman frustrated after broken drainage pipe creates sinkholes around home

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A Charlotte woman is frustrated after months of dealing with sinkholes in her yard. Yesterday’s strong storms have caused sinkholes to widen and deepen, and she says the city isn’t doing enough to address the issue.

“The more days go by the more dangerous this is getting,” said Carolyn Barnett. “If this keeps happening again and they don't fix it, the whole house is going to be down there.”

She says this massive 10-by-10-foot sinkhole in front of her house on Montana Dr. started out the size of a puddle in January.       

“It's only gotten bigger, it's only gotten bigger,” Carolyn said.         

FOX 46 Charlotte was out Monday night when Carolyn first told us how the storms caused the hole to expand, and how much she fears not only for her safety around the hole, but her health too.

“At night rats run out here, you can smell the sewer it's very bad,” she said.

Carolyn says she called the City of Charlotte multiple times, but she says they've done very little to help fix the sinkhole, which they say is caused by a broken drainage pipe.

“They act like they don't even know about us like we don't even exist they treat us like nobodies,” said Carolyn.

FOX 46 Charlotte’s Robin Kanady contacted Charlotte Storm Water on Tuesday to get results for Carolyn.

“We understand from a neighbor this has been going on since January, why is it taking so long to fix it?” Robin asked Charlotte Storm Water.

Tuesday afternoon a crew was out driving stakes to put up a fence in Carolyn’s yard and doing work around the bigger sinkhole.

Tammy Hill, a leader in the University Park neighborhood says she's warned city, county and state officials.

She says she's met with them and doesn't believe they have a solid plan to address aging storm drains and sewage pipes.

 “To me they're being reactive instead of being proactive,” said Tammy.

Another sinkhole in the yard has caused the house to sink about two inches on the right side.

Charlotte Storm Water says they've been working on the Montana Dr. issue and hope to have everything fixed early next year, but that’s not soon enough for Carolyn.

“This needs to be done, it needs to be taken care of I have nieces and nephews that can't even come over here no more and play.”