Woman 'makes' own handicapped parking space in Charlotte neighborhood

It's not something you see every day. A neighbor contacted FOX 46 after someone took it upon themselves to spray paint a handicap symbol in a parking space by her home.

“That’s a new one, but I have seen a lot of bizarre things,” Julia Sain said, the Executive Director of Disability Rights and Resources. 

The international symbol of accessibility was spray painted on a parking space by a local resident and there is nothing in federal or state law that requires that to be present for an accessible parking space. 

“So having the symbol on the ground is not going to hold that as an enforceable space,” Sain said. 

The neighbor said when they moved in two months ago the parking spot was normal, and about two weeks ago, they noticed the spray paint job.

“It's not illegal from the federal government, but it may violate her convenance of where she lives. I can't go spray paint something in my parking lot without recourse," Sain said. 

FOX 46 spoke to the woman behind the spray paint off camera, who admitted she sprayed the symbol on the street, claiming it’s for her handicapped father.

“At this point, with all the good intentions that person may have had it's not an enforceable space anyway," Sain said. 

An enforceable space has to have a station and a sign, and in North Carolina, a number on it that relates back to the statute that requires it.

The homeowner's association, Kuester Management Group, oversees the neighborhood.

“Any homeowner who needs accommodations through ADA based on handicap needs would submit a request and the board would review that request," VP of Operations Karen McDonald said. 

But in this case, that's not what happened. The symbol was spray-painted without the HOA’s permission. 

"I'm not sure I would say it's graffiti or if there's criminal activity involved. Obviously the recommendation is always not to make modifications to any homeowner without board approval," McDonald said.