Woman, puppy reportedly attacked by pit bulls in Indian Trail

A woman said she was bitten and her dog was attacked by two pit bulls in Indian Trail.

Michelle King tells FOX 46 the attack happened near Brandon Oaks on Grover Moore Place. It was a terrifying experience that she says left her with bandaged hands and bruises.

"The dogs just viciously attacked my dog for no reason," said King.

She says it was Sunday afternoon when the two dogs came over to her puppy and her daughter who was holding Princess on a leash.

"I was hovering over my dog and the dogs were viciously attacking me, biting me, bouncing on me. I've never in my life. I've never seen no dog attack nobody like that," said King.

Michelle says a couple from the neighborhood heard her screams and helped break up the dogs and save her and her puppy. That's when the owner of the other two dogs says she got home.

"My dogs have never had a problem with any other animal that I have, no cats, no kids. I've had little babies who have been around those dogs and have been fine," said the owner who asked us not to share her name.

She tells FOX 46 that animal control took her two dogs to a shelter where they'll quarantined for 10 days.

"Everyone wants to base it off the fact because the breed of my dog or because I trained my dog to do this. That's completely not true. I believe they did not do this with the intent to kill. I feel as if they were provoked and they either felt scared or nervous. Maybe the other dog did something? I don't know because I wasn't there."

The vet hospital says that Princess had superficial scratches and bruises as well as trauma to her liver. They expect her to make a full recovery, but Michelle says she can't afford the vet bills. You can help Michelle and Princess directly through Carolina Veterinary Specialists.

Meanwhile, Michelle says she wants justice for what happened.

"This doesn't need to happen to anyone else. I hope Union County does something about this."

FOX 46 has requested information from the Union County Sheriff’s Office regarding this case.