Woman Reopening Business in Location where Twin Sister Died in Fire

A China Grove woman is re-opening her business Saturday in the very spot her twin sister died three years ago.

Sonya Graham was killed in an explosion of chemical vapors in a fire at S & S Graham Archery. The business, owned by Sonya and her twin sister, Sionna “Sie” Graham, also specialized in taxidermy using acetone to strip clean animal bones and skulls. The chemical vapors ignited by the pilot light of a nearby water heater.

Sie Graham said, “It didn't seem real. It just seemed like it was in slow motion.”

Sie said she didn’t know if she wanted to re-open the business after her sister died, but one day her aunt gave her some medals and letters from her late father. They were written to her dad’s mom from the battlefront during World War II, where he was injured. Sie said, “One day I was feeling depressed and down, and I started reading the letters, and I realized that he was faced everyday not knowing if he was going to make it from one day to another.”

Sie says the inspiration from her father, along with the support of her family and the community, has kept her going and helped her find strength. She said, “Even in the worst of tragedies, if you keep the faith, there’s something good that will come out of it.”

The grand opening of the newly rebuilt business kicks-off Saturday at 10 a.m.