Woman says cat abducted, cut open from surgery

A case of mistaken identity or someone who really hates cats? That's what a Belmont woman is trying to figure out after she says her cat was abducted and returned home bloody with evidence of an attempted surgery on its stomach and part of its ear missing.

Photos show how Carolyn Reames found her 9-year-old cat, "Mr. Skunk," bloody and battered.

it was February 25 when Reames let her cat out into the backyard. As he has done for years, he roamed around the neighborhood, but this time he didn't return until three days later.

"Tuesday morning the first thing I did was went out to the front porch and he was sitting right there all pitiful looking," Reames said. "He had peed all over himself, his ear was cut, that was the first thing I noticed."

Reames says she picked him up and noticed his stomach shaved with at least two incisions.

"I freaked out. I didn't know what to think. I went on the war path. I went to Facebook."

Her research found that some organizations trap feral cats and perform surgery to help control the cat population. The problem with Mr. Skunk-- he was already neutered years ago. The attempted surgery was unnecessary. Even worse, Mr. Skunk was examined by a veterinarian, who said the incision on his stomach was most likely someone trying to perform surgery on a cat they thought was female.

Since he went missing, Mr. Skunk hasn't left from hiding under the bed, not even for the camera.

"My gut feeling is that someone didn't like Skunk hanging around."

Mr. Skunk is expected to make a full recovery, but Reames has paid $200 in veterinary bills. At his next trip to the vet, Mr. Skunk will receive a microchip, a move Reames hopes will prevent another incident.