Woman says shots were fired into car at Panera Bread

Customers at a University area restaurant were surprised to hear that a woman's car had reportedly been shot into there. 

“I think it’s really scary I do trust in god of course but I just its unnerving,” a customer told FOX 46. 

A woman says she was at Panera Bread on JW Clay Boulevard around 9:15 p.m. on Friday when someone started firing shots into her car with her inside.

“I was kind of surprised I guess more than anything else,” Jhalen Vines said.

She says the suspect fired multiple rounds into her vehicle, luckily she wasn't harmed. 

“I know this is a pretty safe area, so it’s probably more of an anomaly than anything else,” said Vines.

“I’ve never felt unsafe here so we will probably keep coming back,” another customer told FOX 46.

But Panera-goers say while they're not too concerned, they may still think about changing up their routine next visit.

“Maybe go through the drive through next time but not too much. It will make me be more watchful and careful,” she said.