Woman says suspect impersonated cop, tried to get money from her

A young woman is warning others after she says a woman impersonating a police officer tried to get money from her while she was on a tour of Central Piedmont Community College.

She says the woman came up to her in a campus parking deck, claimed to be a police officer and asked for money. She says from there, it got a lot weirder.

“I went out of the car to get some air and then a lady approached us, and she ‘got a report of a disturbance.’” 

The young woman is from out of town and didn't want to be identified. She spoke with FOX 46 by phone, saying that woman identified herself as a law enforcement officer. 

The victim has never even dealt with the law, but she knew as time went on that things just weren’t adding up. 

“She said I should be careful if I’m an illegal, and I’m a citizen,” the victim told FOX 46. “She asked for my ID, and my phone number, and that she did talk to my parents.” 

Not long after, and after she left, the victim started getting calls.

“She started saying, she has to file this report and I have to pay this $300 fine and threatening us like that. She said she could risk losing her job if she doesn't report it.” 

The victim says the woman tried to get her to use an app to send cash, but when that didn't work out the suspect told her to bring the money to a residence. 

“She would send me an address and to bring her $60 in cash.” 

The victim wouldn’t do it. Instead, she went to the real cops, who told her if you feel the officer you encounter might not be legit, you always have the right to call 911 and check their badge number and information.

She knows this now, but wonders why that suspect was there in the first place.

“Do you think you may have been the only victim of this?” FOX 46’s Derek Dellinger asked. 

She said she wasn’t sure about that, and wondered if there was something more to the story. 

“I'm not sure. My friends have told me that human trafficking is a really big thing and for her to ask me to come out alone. Maybe it's that.” 

She says the experience didn’t put her off from Charlotte, but that it certainly was a learning experience.