Woman says York County road where 2 teens, man died in crash is notoriously dangerous

Two teens and a man were killed in a three-car crash in York County over the weekend. A woman who works near the site of the collision says this isn’t the first time a serious accident has occurred in the area. 

“There's really no reason for so many accidents right here,” says Caitlin Copeland, an employee at nearby Stone Ridge Farm. 

The horrific crash happened on McConnells Highway at Triple Creek Drive around 10 p.m. on Saturday.

“It's just heartbreaking. People have got to slow down and pay attention when they're driving,” Copeland said.

Highway Patrol says 29-year-old Wesley Blain crossed the center line, sideswiping a car that then struck a fence and a utility pole. 

Investigators say Blain kept driving and then hit a car with 15-year-old driver Ashton Dickey and 16-year-old passenger Amara Stagg inside. Both teens and Blain were killed.

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Another person was transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

“We feel for those families that lost their loved ones.”  

Copeland says the fence around Stone Ridge Farm has been hit nine times in the past year and a half because of car crashes. 

“We find the biggest issue and the reason behind many of the accidents on McConnells Highway is high speed and people trying to pass at high speeds.”

She says the farm keeps the horses out of the pasture next to the road because they're worried about them getting hit, and about the fence getting knocked down and the horses running away. 

Copeland hopes something will be done to keep drivers safe, before there's another crash. 

“I really think they need to make it a no passing zone and lessen speed limit at least to 45.” 

The speed limit on the road is 55 miles per hour. Highway Patrol says they're still investigating and would not give any information about a preliminary cause of the crash.