Woman spotted riding scooter on I-77

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FOX 46 Charlotte viewer, anonymous 

A woman was spotted riding an electric rental scooter this week on Interstate-77 in Charlotte. 

"I thought she was probably insane," said Jason Boone. He snapped a picture of a woman riding on the shoulder from 277 to I-77 northbound Sunday morning in the construction zone.

"It's crazy to think someone has that lack of judgment to get on a highway in a construction zone on a scooter with no helmet. It's ridiculous."

LimeBike launched their electric scooters in the Queen City this May. Dubbed, Lime-S, the scooter costs $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute of riding. However, we imagine they never intended their scooters to be on the interstate. 

The City of Charlotte launched a pilot program in may for these rental e-scooters. Thing is, there aren't many rules regulating them.

"Just when it seems like it can't get dumber, it manages to get dumber," said Charlotte City Councilmember Larken Egleston. He’s pushing for more thoughtful regulations before the pilot program ends in October.

"There haven't been real clear rules yet. People don't know if these are regulated like bikes or mopeds."

While the city is still figuring out its rules for e-scooters, Federal law is crystal clear.

"Definitely not a good idea. It's illegal for one thing, but just for the safety of the person on the interstate," said Trooper Ray Pierce with State Highway Patrol.

He says it's a misdemeanor to walk or ride a bike on the interstate. The same law applies to e-scooters.

"We'll stop, ascertain why they're on the interstate, and give them a ride to the next off ramp." 

Trooper Pierce says the rider could face a fine and court costs around $200 dollars.

That doesn’t come close to the cost of a life.

"I think somebody will die if we aren't more mindful about how people are riding these scooters," said Egleston.

Here’s the link to the City of Charlotte’s E-scooter pilot program: http://charlottenc.gov/Transportation/Programs/Pages/EScooterSharePilotProgram.aspx