Woman spotted traveling the wrong way on scooter near NoDa

A woman was spotted Sunday afternoon traveling against traffic on a scooter near NoDa. The incident was captured around 1 p.m. along N Tryon Street. 

"As I got closer to the men's shelter I noticed something moving off to my left. Something that tells your brain something isn't right here," Brian Christiansen said. 

The woman was observed riding on a scooter into oncoming traffic. 

"I truly couldn't believe what I was seeing," Christiansen said. "I slowed down to even give her room so she could merge in front of me and at least be safe. She never did that. She kept going in the far left lane with traffic around her, like she didn't care at all." 

Under existing North Carolina law, electric scooters like the Bird fall under the definition of “moped,” which includes heavier vehicles that can travel up to 30 mph. 


  • Obey traffic signs and signals 
  • Obey the speed limit and never travel faster than your skill level or what the conditions allow
  • Stop at every stop sign. Look left, right, and left again, before proceeding 
  • Stay alert and make yourself seen. Motor vehicles, particularly large trucks, have numerous blind spots, especially for something as compact as a motor scooter 
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the floorboards while riding 
  • Signal, giving plenty of notice when you are about to turn or change lanes. In a scooter verses vehicle scuffle, the scooter is always the underdog.