Woman Survives Horrific Cliff Fall

RAGGED POINT, CA -- A woman survives a horrific accident that left her stranded alone and injured for 3 days.

Driving down Highway 1 near Ragged Point in California, Debbie Lopez says she reached over to put out her cigarette.

"As your body turns, it doesn't mean to but it just blew right over," she says.

The pick-up truck she was driving veered off the highway and hundreds of feet down a cliff, where she was left stranded, injured, and alone.

Luckily, Lopez was wearing her seatbelt during the accident. However, her car landed upside down. She says she looked for different ways to escape and continued "striking out."

She also found that the temperatures were too cold for her to sleep.

But after two nights in the truck, she found her way out -- by going straight up the mountain.

Though she was injured, she says it was the thought of seeing her family again that gave her the motivation to keep going.

"I just had to keep going step by step and I would stop and pray," she says.

When she finally made it to the top of the mountain, a family drove by and called for help.

Now Lopez says that she is just grateful.

"You have to be thankful... and not let things get to you."