Woman wants pit bulls banned from dog parks after attack

Should pit bulls be banned from dog parks? That's what one woman wants after she said her dog was attacked at a south Charlotte Dog Park.

The woman took to the "Next Door" App to share her story, saying the encounter made her fearful to return to McAlpine Dog Park.  

She claims her lab was attacked by a pit bull that she couldn't fight off, leaving her with a $400+ vet bill. She went on to explain she feels the pit bull breed shouldn't be allowed at the dog parks because of their 'instinctive nature to fight.'

Other dog owners FOX 46 spoke to at the park disagree.

"I mean how do you decipher what's aggressive unless someone tears into somebody?" said dog owner Kimberly Henderson. "Pitbulls have a bad rap, they really do."

"Once in a while when there are a lot of dogs here, they'll get into groups, but it's nothing crazy," added dog owner Samantha Thorstensen. "Just dogs being dogs."

"You know who the aggressive dogs are the very second you arrive in the park," said dog owner Arroe Collins. "I've seen more incredibly loving pit bulls than I've seen bad pit bulls."

Kimberly Henderson, who goes to the park a couple times a week, said she's only seen a dog get aggressive there one time.

"It's our responsibility as dog owners to take care of our dogs and the owners were just laughing," Henderson said. "It was shocking to see the owners not doing anything about it."

But then again, she said she's only seen it happen one time.

"This is an amazing place," she added. "There are so many people who come here and if attacks were a thing, this many people wouldn't come here."

"I don't see dogs getting attacked at all," said Collins. "It's dogs getting used to an environment where they're not on a leash and it's wide open fun for them.”