Woman who took down S.C.'s Confederate flag speaks to FOX 46

Bree Newsome and Jimmy Tyson met at grassroots activist meeting in Charlotte following the Charleston Massacre -- and about one week later, the two drove to Columbia, S.C. where they took down the Confederate flag at the state capitol building.

"Its largely a symbolic gesture so we can cause a sort of moral gut check for America," Newsome said.

Newsome climbed the flag pole while Tyson helped her train for the climb and waited on the ground for her to hand the flag off to him. The two say it was important for Newsome, a black woman, and Tyson, a white man, to show there doesn't have to be a racial divide -- which many believe the Confederate flag somewhat represents.

"This is really an act of love, not an act of hate or aggression," Tyson said.

The two were arrested and charged with misdemeanors. Their court dates are set for July 27.