Women duped by wedding photographer offered free photoshoots

FOX 46 is getting results for at least a dozen women duped by a shady photographer who is accused of taking thousands of dollars for wedding and engagement photos and not delivering.

Since FOX 46’s Matt Grant began investigating, even more complaints have come in, along with offers to help.

FOX 46 spoke with a dozen women who accuse Charlotte photographer Eben Patten, who also goes by the name Eben Adrian, of stealing their money and withholding photos. Photos that were turned over, in some cases, included pictures of the floor and others that were blurry or washed out. 

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Now, several wedding photographers, including Golden Collective, reached out to FOX 46 after watching our story wanting to help by offering free photo shoots to Patten's victims.

“It's a little bit upsetting to see so many couples affected and so many couples gypped out of these memories that you really can't get back,” said Melanie Boehm, with Golden Collective Photography. "So my thought was maybe we could bring some sort of light, some sort of joy, and maybe provide a family session or something like that to kind of help ease the burden since they've already paid so much money, essentially, for nothing."

After our story, Patten shut down her photography website. 

She has ignored our repeated attempts to get comment from her and blocked us from contacting her on social media.