Woodscape Apartments fire victims booted out after promises of having a place to live

The scenes from the July blaze are hard to watch. The Woodscape Apartments burning out of control and forcing some 130 people out. Firefighters later determined the blaze was intentionally set.

Now months later, the hardship and heartache for those forced out continues. Victims that were promised apartments are now getting a 30-day notice to get out.

"No one has told me anything other than the letters they put on my door. I don't know why they are kicking me out the apartment," Victim Josefina Perez Vargas said.

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One of the biggest issues with the letters is that the English version doesn't match the Spanish version.

Looking at them side by side, the Spanish letter is less detailed and even contains a series of grammatical errors like a semi colon where an L should be instead.

The English letter also says it's a 30-day notice but residents we spoke with tell FOX 46, they got this on September 11.

"I feel they are discriminating against me. I've called the management office on the phone and the don't take my calls and if they take my calls, they tell me they can’t hear me and they hang up on me," Perez Vargas said.

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Action NC, who's stepped in to help these tenants sort things out after the fire, tells FOX 46, some of the people were reportedly given these letters because management didn't like that they complained about the complex and also because the management wants to increase rent on the units.

"For me, this has been very difficult. I don't know what to do. I’ve lost my job because I've been dealing with the issues here since the fire, and now I'm going to lose even more," Perez Vargas said.

These victims also claim the Woodscape Apartment complex reportedly pocketed the money Crisis Assistance gave them. Josefina Perez Vargas tells FOX 46, she got keys to an apartment in August that didn't have carpet, or a stove, was full of cockroaches and a clogged toilet. She didn't move in until Aug. 20, and now they are demanding she pay for the month of September.

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"I want them to respect the word they gave us and that's it. If the law says that I have to leave, then I'll leave, but I want them to respect the help I’ve received from crisis assistance," Perez Vargas said.