Worried neighbors call on Harrisburg leaders after flash flooding issues

Leaders in the town of Harrisburg say they were flooded with calls from concerned homeowners following flash flooding across the area Tuesday afternoon.

One homeowner provided FOX 46 Charlotte with video of what looked like a raging river in his backyard.

"Yesterday was the highest I have ever seen it. It got pretty scary for a minute," said Michael Landis.

Landis watched the flood from his porch, worried the swift moving water could eventually damage his home.

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"When I took the video, it was still raining very very hard," said Landis.

There aren't supposed to be rapids in his backyard. In fact, when Landis and his wife built their home the culvert was simply a line on the ground.

"It adds that country feel to it. We love the property," said Landis.

That scenic feel soon vanished when more homes were built nearby.

"When we moved here in 2001, the development across the street wasn't there," said Landis.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to the town of Harrisburg leaders, who said they were inundated with flooding calls. They are responding to each call on a case by case basis and will send a crew out to homeowners if needed.

"Well I would at least like them to come out and take a look at it and I guess see what they could do," said Landis.

For now, the calm has returned to his backyard. At least until the next threat of rain.

"Yeah we will probably be out there watching it," said Landis.